209 Miyori-cho, Nagoya-shi, Nishi-ku, Aichi 452-0839, Japan  

Who We Are

Hanko Steel Corporation is a manufacturing company based in Japan with more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing of Carbon steel, Medium and High Alloy steel seamless as well as welded Pipes & Tubes. Mission of the Company is Customer Satisfaction by supplying quality product along with service. Strong commitment of the Company is in the development of a relationship with Clients to be compliant with any international norms or specification for custom-made products with stability and production series. Hanko Steel Corporation has a high variety of production facilities that allows an extreme flexibility in the production. The Company is also provided with the most modern Systems for the process and product controlling requested to meet Clients specifications. The selection of major west European steel mill for the raw material source and the Company know-how allow to satisfy any requirement of any Client profile, from the engineering Company to the plant & machine Manufacturers up to the End Users.

Hanko Steel Corporation operates in order to satisfy the requirements set by ISO 9001. Hanko Steel Corporation supplies pipes & tubes all over the world with a wide range of dimensions for a variety of industrial sectors, offering from Carbon Steel grades, Medium and High Alloy Steel grades. For Energy use, main applications are Heat Exchangers, Boiler and Pressure Equipments, Petrochemical plants and general plant construction in general. For Mechanical use, main applications are Automotive (cars and motorcycle), Pistons, Cylinders, oleo-dynamic applications and general mechanicals.

Hanko Steel Corporation has a strong infrastructure and team of highly qualified and well experienced engineers who strive to make high quality products in professionally managed working environment with transparency with a strong belief to maintain long term business relationship with our customers.

Our Products